Possibly the weirdest dream I have ever had.
So I'm an ant. I'm walking along the ground with my six legs. I come to a cliff. The spectacular 30 centimetre view shows the entirety of the nest's above-ground extent. Hundreds of ants just like me are ambling along with their daily business. Suddenly, the sky goes dark. The "Carmina Burana" starts playing softly. High above, a strange black shape is blocking out the light. Suddenly, the black shape is let go by whatever was holding it there. "Carmina Burana" increases in volume. Then, I hear it. A deep, ominous rumble, getting louder and closer all the time. I look up, and the black shape is rushing down towards the nest at a terrific speed. It whooshes past my altitude, and impacts the top of the nest.

There is a flash of light. When my eyes adjust, a spherical blast wave is radiating out from the impact point, killing hundreds of ants in seconds. I can just see it penetrate into the ground as well. Probably crushing the tunnel networks I designed under mountains of rubble. Because of my high altitude, I am spared most of the blast. But I hear it well enough. A blasting, ungodly roar, loud enough to dislodge soil.

When the dust has cleared, I make my way down the slope and go look for survivors. Only a few tens of ants were lucky enough to be out of range. However, if the Queen is dead, we're all screwed. Coming over the lip of a small ridge, I see the devastation the rock has brought. A crater, probably a good ten centimetres across, filled with smoking rubble. The entrance to the nest is blocked up. Probably only the ants in the deepest parts of the nest have survived the impact. Before I can get to the crater bottom, the sun is blotted out again. Quickly, I gather up as many ants as I can and lead them to the cliff at top speed. But that isn't fast enough. Only half of the group make it to the top when the next impact occurs. The same roar, the same blast wave, the same damage. Then, many more black shapes begin falling from the skies.

After we clear the wreckage (with the help of the neighbouring nests) and reopen the entrances to our nest, I decide to reinforce the nest so this tragedy can never happen again.
There was a second part to this. I wrote it down somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment. It had something to do with the hose flooding the nest. But seriously, I have no idea what this means.

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