Under bright fluorescent lights, tactically positioned


Concertedly, likely most assuredly

I concede that I know nothing

An encumbrance or embrace, I have been dying to know, no no no no

Blinded only by the light of a closed-circuit monitor, I grasped... I gasp

Into a dark room filled with warmth and familiarity I dared to venture

Being, being not my own; trust I meant no trespass, illuminated... invitee

Yet who is the visitor and who is the host; questions unanswered from the future's reflection backwards

And in time discoveries to my inquiries reveal no reality to my fantasy

Notwithstanding synchronicity, and...

Her name is what it means

How could I fall so deep, sans vacant lies

So in the sand I vacated mine

I walked with your shadow until I drove, until I rode

Your eyes so bright, blink twice at once

To commence the hunt

Wrong way down a one-way street in the middle of the night

A turn, some style, but still blurred of these moments wild

Calling and wearing myself thin; skin to bone, ascending higher... faster... to catch her

A conscious decision to give my life to a stranger

Beget from an unconscious flash of urgency

Never thinking I could be ignorant of the effect of my words, and...

I might not know you so well as to define

But pain begins to eclipse time, and...

Secrets and passion burn straight through

I still am, still who I was, and I am still waiting because...

I meant each word of I Love You

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