A phrase that can be used to convey a place where one lived or may have lived long ago. This is sometimes associated with possible past lives that have been recollected or a sense of déjà vu for someplace that is still dislocated from memory. The expression can also be used to refer to heaven, as in the manual A Course In Miracles.

May be used as poetic subject matter:

"...I AM ADDICTED to food & air the sun & moon & my loneliness is only to return to an ancient home." -d.a. levy

In the song Up The Country by Alan Wilson of Canned Heat, He sings:

"There's no use of you running or screaming and crying cause' you've got a home as long as I've got mine"

I speculate that when he refers to home in this lyric he is referring to an awareness of heaven on earth as home or the state when one supposedly realizes the true nature of reality.

An ancient home could be said to be remembered when the third eye is open.

It also could be said that when Alan Wilson sings, whomever he is singing to could hear his voice and it could open the person's third eyeand they could remember their home as well.

An ancient home may refer to the home of a persons ancestral heritage.
For instance Israel is often considered the ancient home of the Jews.

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