A person who believes in anarcho-communism. One of the many variations of anarchism. Basicly. The ideas of communism (working people control their own places, as opposed to being controlled by bosses), and the ideas of anarchism (no authority/government/state) mixed together.

"Anarchist Communism maintains that most valuable of all conquests -- individual liberty -- and moreover extends it and gives it a solid basis -- economic liberty -- without which political liberty is delusive; it does not ask the individual who has rejected god, the universal tyrant, god the king, and god the parliament, to give unto himself a god more terrible than any of the proceeding -- god the Community, or to abdicate upon its alter his or her independence, his or her will, his or her tastes, and to renew the vow of asceticism which he formally made before the crucified god. It says to him, on the contrary, 'No society is free so long as the individual is not so! . . .'"

- Opportunity City, pp. 14-15

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