Algolite means ALGOrithmic LItterature Evaluated, in french "ALGOrithme Littéraire Evalué". It's an association of :

- formal REASONING of an Author, and

- LEVEL GAUGE of logic allotted by a Reader.

A reader allotting an indicator of logic (or poetry etc.) to a reasoning should not be the author of this reasoning. The presentation of the REASONING is subject to rules of form, such as for example :

In the form of an analysis:

1 - Several assumptions carrying each one a sequence number (for example: 1,2...)

2 - A conclusion (for example: c)

In the form of a sentence one would write for example :

1 - If one holds for truth that (assumption 1), and that (assumption 2), etc, then,

2 - one deduces from it that (conclusion).

The author tries to reach a maximum level of logic or coherence or capacity to convince a reader. The LEVEL GAUGE of logic can be a notation, a sign, or any other means making it possible to qualify the reasoning. An ALGOLITE is thus by definition the COLLECTIVE CREATION of authors of a reasoning, and, of readers of this reasoning.

By extension and convenience one will be able to call Algolite a simple reasoning being read (judged).

That concept is implemented in the Wall_k_Atoll Project of a collective brain thank's to the web.

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