A word game. Users play using a client similar to IRC. Rooms support up to 18 players.

Gameplay: Server spits out an acronym (3 to 7 characters). Players give definitions for the given acronym in 30 to 90 seconds. After time out, each player sees the valid acronyms received from server in random order per each player. Players vote for the acro they find most funny.
After a given time period, results are displayed. Winner is the player with most votes. If draw, time counts. Winner gets bonus+all votes. Player who have guessed winner score 1p. bonus.
When a player reaches the score for finals (30 to 40pts, set per game room), she and the player next to her go to the finals - 3 quick acronyms.

Goal: Give the funniest definition for acronyms. Score most points, win the game.

Location: http://www.acrochallenge.com

Client: Windows only, free. Adware
License: Proprietary

Predecessor: bezerk.com's Acrophobia (windows standalone, browser - java version) Discontinued

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