At my high school, Athletics is King. Our teams suck, but they receive more money than any academic groups could imagine.
We have a high academic caliber at my high school. The blue-ribbon school in Hampton Township of Pennsylvania seems to be distributing funds to the wrong places. The athletics leaves a lot to be desired. We are children of eggheads. However, athletic teams are favored over academic teams.
The football team gets nice comfortable tour buses, and has not been above .500 since forever. The wrestling team is now the proud owner of a new underground wrestling room costing the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sports teams that request money receive the funding without even a discussion at the school board meeting.
The award-winning marching band gets too few school buses. A physics team had to pay for the buses to take them to a competition, a competition in which they ranked in the top 50 in the country. A robotics team has trouble asking for $3,500 for a trip to a national robotics competition in Seattle. The physics department uses outdated equipment. The music department is crowded in rooms that are too small.
Now, I am in both athletics and academics at my school. However, it boggles my mind why the school board funds terrible sports teams and argues over pennies for nationally ranked academic teams.

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