half in a mirror, half in a scrying glass
you drew a line, i rubbed it out
one step forward (you take) towards
and in a sense, ground is held
the question was originally (water-fountain) suicide
punishment would take into his mind
voluntary manslaughter leads to insolent matters
but to innocence, it never will! (never will!)

are you angry because you messed up?
no consequences unless you get caught
four-corner friends bury ashes of society
personality domination, sitting on death row

one last meal,
a barrel full of pickles and onions
the vinegar will marinate your insides
rot inside your dwellings made of straw
but he knew what he was doing
he shouldn't (should?) be held accountable
fear will hold him back from confession
were you happy when you were sober?
or was it all really just an act?
(as fluent as a gun to the head)

she hates her staunchy conservatism
you'll never understand what it's like to be
all the real-world values couldn't save you now
there are plenty of people stuck in those jobs
what is in his thinking, thou shalt not kill
maybe you're more forgiving than the king
your friends are so depressing, so betraying
your journal tells of how you're lesser
to any other human person (it's true?)

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