From the medieval Welsh tale of Culhwch ac Olwen, the names of the three daughters of Bwlch, and Cyfwlch, and Sefwlch are given as Drwg, Gwaeth, and Gwaethaf Oll, which literally translate as Bad, Worse and Worst of all.

This, I think, is an example of a medieval Welsh joke.

In a similar vein the names of the three dogs, Call, Cuall, and Cafall are in fact, Smart, Smarter and Smartest.

I imagine that if one had to sit through a long recitation of the exploits of sundry Welsh heroic figures one would be in need of some light entertainment even if it does not quite reach the standard of Monty Python.

Even better than that is in The tale of Culhwch and Olwen II, the list of names goes on for so long, that the writer went so far as to name "Somebody son of Caw." That is, "hell, I don't remember his name, Caw had so many kids."

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