The Zoobombs are a Japanese four-piece, who formed sometime in 1995. The name is apparently a deliberate misspeaking of the Japanese word zubon

They list their influences as various artists, from the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Money Mark and the Flaming Lips, and their sound reflects that. Rockabilly, blues, techno, funk, hip hop and pop, in one inexplicably great aural package. Whatever the style of any individual song, it always rocks, and it's always funky.

Their symbol, trademark and spiritual leader is Kumaku, a teddy bear created by the mother of one of the band members. Its visage decorates almost all of their products, and it is the nominal head of Zoobomb-sha (their company).

In 1996, they began touring as the opening act for the Flaming Lips, and then Boss Hog, before beginning work on an album, the details of which are hidden deep in the depths of several Japanese websites, but which apparently never made it to foreign shores.

They were picked up by Emperor Norton Records for the American and worldwide (though limited) release of Welcome Back, Zoobombs!, and did their first North American tour, in 1998. They have since moved to EMI, toured with Regurgitator, Rage Against The Machine, and recently wrapped up their Feel Your Sex!! Summer Tour, with Six Ft Hick. They have released four more studio albums and one live album since the release of Welcome Back, Zoobombs!

Band members are:
Don Matsuo: Guitar, Lead Vocal
Moo-Stop: Bass
Bukkabilly: Drums
Matta: Keyboard, Backing Vocal

Super Funcy [sic] of Zoobombs (1997)
Label: Quattro Label

Track list unknown.

Welcome Back, Zoobombs! (1998)
Label: Emperor Norton Records

  1. Highway a Go Go
  2. Black Ink Jive
  3. Jumbo
  4. Flat-Top
  5. Swamp
  6. Don't Didley
  7. Parkin' Rock
  8. Midnight '69
  9. Builbone Blues
  10. Estel
  11. C'mon & Get Down
  12. Mojo Man
  13. Urban Colours

Let It Bomb (1999)

Label: Emperor Norton Records

  1. 1-2-3
  2. South Central Rock
  3. Mo' Funky, Pt. 1
  4. Mo' Dub
  5. Pleasure Drop
  6. 4190
  7. Bomb the Bomb
  8. Gimme Some Money
  9. Ships Are Alright
  10. Soul Bomb
  11. Don's Dream

Bomb Freak Express/Freak's Express (2000)

Label: EMI

  1. Black Satin
  2. Belt Out Rock 'N' Roll
  3. Hot Love
  4. Don's Mood
  5. Hot Dance
  6. Tighten Rap
  7. Fun Fun Fun Key Key Key
  8. Circle X
  9. Baby's In A Rainbow

Dirty Bomb (2001)

Label: EMI

  1. We're Talkin' Bout America
  2. Born Wild Girl
  3. Doo Bee
  4. Sleep Inside
  5. Some Gangs
  6. Muddy Bottle
  7. Nobody Likes You
  8. Why Do They Rock So Hard?
  9. Dirty Bomb
  10. Winner's Ballad
  11. D.T.B.
  12. Get It Baby, If You Want It
  13. Suspicious You

Bomb You Live (2002)

Label: Teenage USA Recordings

  1. Introduction~Don's Dream
  2. Don't Diddley
  3. South Central Rock
  4. Crazy Pie
  5. Jumbo
  6. Builbone Blues
  7. Mo' Funky
  8. Circle X
  9. Doo-Bee
  10. Why Do They Rock So Hard?
  11. C'mon & Get Down
  12. Mojo Man
  13. Don's Dream

Angel Bomb Universe/Love is Funky (2002)

Label: EMI

  1. Funky Movin'
  2. Feel Ur Sex From The Funky, Funky Music
  3. Jumbo(#2)
  4. Modern Creation
  5. Mama, Gimme Ya Hot Hand
  6. Love Bomb
  7. Use Me
  8. Papaeye
  9. Mo' Funky
  10. Gimme Some Loving
  11. Link Into The Air (angel, bomb, universe)

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