The plural of zillion, an imaginary but HUGE number.

Also, the name of a magazine for pre-teens and teens published by Consumer Reports that has tips on money management (how to find a summer job, the Allowance survey, how to set up a bank account), reviews of teen-y consumer items (jeans, fast food outlets, running shoes), tips for saving money, and lots of comics debunking advertising. It was formerly known as "Penny Power" before a name change in the early 90s. Excellent magazine. It's kind of a more agreable Adbusters - the same disgust for advertising, the same advocation of constant examination of our consumer practices, but where Adbusters veers off in to holier than thou anti-capitalist rants and urges everyone to feel guilt about buying anything, consumer reports and zillions in the end embrace the consumer ethos that grips our society, and offers practical and useful advice for how to retain our rationality and still interact with the system.

Okay, so that's reading way way too much in to it. Zillions: the kids' version of consumer reports. That's better.

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