A talented young woman from Zhejiang province in China during the Six Dynasties period. She refused to marry, saying she'd rather study and see the world first. Her father let her go, disguised as a young man, to school. She fell in love with a fellow student named Liang Shangbo, but did not tell him she loved him or that she was really a woman. She told him to come see her, that they were kindred spirits and he should marry her "sister." He agreed.

For whatever reason, it was years before he finally visited. He or perhaps she was already engaged to someone else by this point. He died of a broken heart when he found out the truth. She threw herself into his grave, which closed over them both.

It is said that they were turned into a pair of yellow and black butterflies, which remains a symbol of true love and red thread destined love.

Definitely one of history's Uppity Women, despite her then-politically correct tragic end.

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