A pause button. That's what I always wanted for first dates. The ability to stop action and consider the consequences....

"I really don't think I know you that well...."

Does this mean she wants to know me better? Is she being coy or is this a polite go away message? If I could pause it here, think about the rest of the conversation and pick out the choice words, the words I always think of later, that would have been so great.

I wonder if I will ever meet someone who understands Literature?

Am I supposed to agree with that-appear humble, yet studious? What if I tell her what I have read, and all of the stuff Dr.Hansen went over? Does she really want that information or is this her way of saying I wish I could meet someone smart (not like present company?)

And of course there are those tricky questions-
Do you believe in love at first sight?
or the worst one of all-What are you thinking-no, really ?

How would I answer these? How should I have filled that air of anticipation with the right words, the correct facial expression, the appropriate feeling? I could have paused, checked some notes and tried out a couple I think I would have done better. Certainly better than my usual comment-

Say what?

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