A manga series by Kousuke Fujishima. "Taihou Shichau Zo!" was the original Japanese title. I believe it was his first series; if it wasn't, it certainly was his first widely circulated title, and was what first won him fans. It was later made in to an OAV anime series, and later still a TV series. The animation quality, particularly in the OAVs, is quite good and worth watching.

It concerns the members of the Bokutou police precinct in Tokyo, specifically Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa. Fujishima takes a mostly traffic cop angle with the title, so don't expect any kind of serious police work. It's pretty silly, but for motorheads like me, the detail he puts into the mechanical designs of the myriad cars, motorcycles, paintball guns, and anything else with moving parts is pretty neat.

Good clean fun.

Principle characters of YUA include:

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