Yookoso means "welcome" in Japanese. Furthermore, it is also the name of a minorly good Japanese college textbook for those inclined to study the language. It is somewhat better than the other textbook that is commonly used, Learn Japanese : New College Text, however that last has enjoyed an undue amount of popularity because it is so damn cheap. You see, Learn Japanese : New College Text is a cheap, paperback book that retails for about $15, whereas Yookoso! is a more expensive hardcover text that retails for around $70. Learn Japanese : New College Text is especially likely to be found in high schools (as it was in mine), in which students are not made to pay for their books, therefore the school district has to take the bill, and therefore they are particularly inclined to go with the cheapest text they can find.

Yookoso is fairly good about forcing the reader to read hiragana and katakana, and not use romaji overmuch, however it is heavily lacking when it comes to teaching kanji and the finer points of grammar.

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