Yelena Rossini is part of the cast of the comic book Transmetropolitan. She is Spider Jerusalem's filthy assistant, replacing Channon Yarrow after she went off to a nunery, and Yelena stayed on once Channon came back. Spider was incorrectly led into thinking that Yelena was Mitchell Royce's niece so that he wouldn't do to Yelena whatever he did to Channon that made her become a nun.

Yelena is also important in that she has slept with Spider, and there are photographs of this event in Spider's photo taking glasses. While it appears that Yelena hates Spider, it looks like the hatred is a cover for the respect she has for him.

Spider has said that Yelena is more intelligent than he is, and that "she may well prove to be the best assistant I ever had", although she never heard this because he wrote it in his column, I Hate It Here, and "you see, she refuses to read the column."

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