Full name: Yamba The Yerrampe
Born: 1995
Gender: Male
Home town: Alice Springs, NT Australia

Yamba is quite clearly a yerrampe. Heck, his name is derived from the word. I'm sure you're wondering what on Earth a yerrampe is, so I shall tell you, and it is very simple. Yerrampe is the local Arrernte word for honey-ant. Honey-ants are heaps cool, something you probably don't know unless you've ever seen/met/tasted one. Yamba isn't just any honey-ant, he's a red, yellow and black honey-ant, the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Yamba with the help of Jacinta, his human companion and best friend, hosts the children's segment Yamba's Playtime on local television station Imparja. Yamba can hear fine, but he is dumb. No, I don't mean not smart, he is heaps smart, he just can't communicate verbally. Instead Yamba has been frantically waving his arms, all six of them, and making gestures, hand signals and using sign language since the show began in 1995. Yamba is often known to wear t-shirts with his show's logo both on and off the show, as is Jacinta. Aside from this, he has no other clothes except sometimes a bicycle helmet or similar. Topics covered by Yamba include water/pool and road safety, health, and general education. Other characters featuring on Yamab's Playtime include Cecilina The Ballerina, Grandma and Grandpa Honeyant, Yamba's big sister, and Chabba and Flopp, somewhat questionable sock characters living in Yamba's sock drawer. Yamba's many other friends also include Hector the road safety cat and Ima the safety house. Yamba is a unique character with a distinct personality and is loved by children of all ages. He "is active and energetic, friendly and outgoing."

Plush Yamba dolls can be purchased from Imparja for $25, along with other Yamba merchandise. Yamba's Playtimer's Club exists, and membership is sadly only open to 1 - 6 year olds. Yamba has a PO Box where he can be sent mail to be read on the show. A little-known interesting fact about Yamba is that there's actually a female inside the suit when Yamba is male. The Yamba suit weighs approximately 2.5kg and has a lycra outer. The person inside sees out through his mouth not his eyes. Yes, I have hugged Yamba and am not ashamed of this.

Official page: http://www.imparja.com/content/view/10/11/

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