An interactive CD-ROM released by Peter Gabriel in December 1993 for PC and Macintosh. The full name is "Xplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World". It can be basically considered a companion for the Us album.

While the idea of an interactive CD-ROM might be a little dated today, in the early 90's it was still fresh. The program allowed you to explore by clicking on different parts of images, listen to and watch music videos, and generally have fun with various little sequences that were put together. Peter's image would appear once in a while giving you hints and clues as to what you could do in a particular sequence. There are a lot of hidden secrets in the program.

While it hasn't been produced in years, you may be able to find a used copy on eBay. However, it is highly recommended to get the Macintosh version instead of the Windows version. The program was originally produced on a Macintosh. Because of this, there were problems transferring files from the Macintosh to Windows. Additionally, due to the fact that the Windows version was released during the era of Windows 3.1, the program has a lot of difficulty with the multimedia contained within. Since the Macintosh version is for the Motorola MC68000 series machines, you can at least run a Mac emulator such as Basilisk II or ShapeShifter to try it on your non-Mac platform.

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