An online journaling site. The name is pronounced "zanga" according to the site's FAQ and the people who keep journals there are called "Xangans." Recently the site has tried to make changes to keep up with MySpace, including friends and profile features, which are almost never used.

The featured content page that comes up when you first bring up the site is actually the focus of some controversy... the content is ranked by how many people comment on an entry, and as many people in the featured content have pointed out, once you get in the featured content clique it's very easy to stay there because you're on the top page and people read your site and comment on what you've said.

One of the Xanga user jokes is that the average user of the site is a 14-year-old Asian girl who tAlKz LiKe Diz, but most of the featured content comes from reasonably literate twenty-somethings.

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