A Woolong is the unit of currency in Cowboy Bebop, and is (as a rough estimate) equivalent to 10 US cents. This estimate is based on what kinds of things the crew of the Bebop buys, and how much it ends up costing them. I have little basis for comparing the size of the bounties, since that practice is not terribly common outside of the bail bond industry, at least in the US, and so those values are not particularly useful. Woolongs are rarely traded in physical form like money is now; in fact it seems that the economy is based on a some sort of digital cash.

The symbol for a Woolong is a W with a horizontal line through the center; similiar to a yen symbol, but with a W instead of a Y.

Costs of various things; unfortunately most of the time prices are not quoted when things are bought or sold. Sorry there are so few, I'll have to remember to add more in later.

  • Transit through a gate: 7500 Woolongs
  • Ein the dog: 2 Woolongs

Amounts of various bounties seen offered:

  • Asimov Solenson: 2.5 million Woolongs
  • Faye Valentine: 6 million Woolongs

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