Electronic percussionist for Kraftwerk from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties. He formed Yamo after leaving Kraftwerk in 1987. Flür is a very thoughtful and warm man, and he felt his individuality was stifled by the rigidity of his former band. I highly recommend his new autobiography, I Was a Robot, for both its look inside one of the world's most secretive bands and its touching humanity. Unfortunately, this book became the subject of a lawsuit when the current members of Kraftwerk felt that too many of their secrets had been compromised. The English version of the book, therefore, is somewhat edited (though also expanded to contain information on the legal proceedings). Flür, although still a little protective of Kraftwerk's secrecy, has been the most willing band member to share his experiences with the dedicated Kraftwerk fan community.

According to Karl Bartos, Flür was also the chick magnet of he group. I'm sure Wolfgang would say this is overstated, although he's certainly had his share of casual sex on tour. He plugs Yamo's Time Pie album at every opportunity.

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