Wishbringer, released in 1985, is a classic game created by the computer game company Infocom. It is a pure text adventure filled with magick and mysteries.

The game itself is aimed at people who are relatively new to text adventures, but it still provides quite a challenge. Wishbringer is a magic Stone of Dreams, and is very sought after throughout Festeron, the small village in which the game is set. You play a post office clerk, and your quest is to keep Wishbringer from falling into the hands of the Evil One and to rescue a black cat named Chaos. The cat has been kidnapped by the Evil One, and taken from the old woman who owns the Magick Shoppe.

Wishbringer was written by Brian Moriarty and contains 52 rooms, little enough for a player to be able to complete it in about a week. This game would make an excellent starting point for those who would like to play interactive fiction games.

Here follows a transcript of the initial screen of the game:

"Behind you!" cries the Princess. "It's a trap!"

Too late. The drawbridge crashes shut against the tower wall. You turn to face your enemy, and find yourself staring into the open maw of Thermofax.

Only your Magick sword can save you now. You swing it high, speak the Word and stand unhurt as the blade absorbs the searing dragon-breath.

The reptile bellows with rage and flaps its wings to fan the fire in its belly. You are advancing, sword poised to strike, when a familiar voice shatters the daydream and stays your mighty hand...

Interactive Fantasy for Beginners
Copyright (C)1985 Infocom, Inc. All rights reserved.
Wishbringer is a trademark of Infocom, Inc.
Release 68 / Serial Number 850501

You're on a hilltop overlooking the seaside village of Festeron.

To the south stands the Festeron Post Office. It's a little brick building with a neatly-trimmed lawn. The Post Office door stands invitingly open.

Roads run down the hill to the east and west. There's a signpost nearby.

Somebody inside the Post Office is calling you.

Okay, what do you want to do now?

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