Wis (?), adv. [Aphetic form of iwis, ywis; or fr. Icel. viss certain. See Ywis.]

Certainly; really; indeed.

[Obs.] "As wis God helpe me."



© Webster 1913.

Wis, v. t. [Due to mistaking OE. iwis certain, AS. gewiss, for I wis. See Ywis.]

To think; to suppose; to imagine; -- used chiefly in the first person sing. present tense, I wis. See the Note under Ywis.

[Obs. or Poetic] "Howe'er you wis."

R. Browning.

Nor do I know how long it is (For I have lain entranced, I wis). Coleridge.


© Webster 1913.

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