Interesting number-based game show, CBS's entry into the "let's copy a British quiz show where contestants can win $1,000,000" craze of 1999. Contestants qualified from an initial group of 49 by answering simple math questions very quickly. The six qualifiers then eliminated each other in the Sudden Death round of buzz-in questions. The one remaining contestant then faced the "Wonder Wall" where he or she had to answer questions from an enormous video wall of 49 answers.

For example: "What day of the week follows Sunday?" (contestant scans the board for the answer) "26, Monday!" Correct!

This show was on Saturday nights, so only losers like me would watch it. It was hosted by Dick Clark, also host of the $25,000 Pyramid, the $100,000 Pyramid, and of course The New $25,000 Pyramid. It was highlighted by the use of simple $10 joysticks as props, and $4,000 Apple Studio Displays as monitors. One contestant, before bailing out and taking her cash from the Wonder Wall, said "This is stupid." on camera. That pretty much damned the show out of existence.

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