Free use of this software is available for connecting two networked computers to the Internet.

WinGate 4x comes in Home, Standard and Pro versions.

The Wingate Home version is simple to install in that there are no settings, or options to configure.

Published by Deerfield.

From the WinGate website:

What is WinGate?

The primary benefit of WinGate is its ability to allow multiple computers to simultaneously share a single Internet connection. The result is immediate cost savings. In addition to providing an Internet connection sharing solution, WinGate also serves as a firewall, prohibiting intruders from accessing your internal network.

How does WinGate Work?

WinGate allows the simultaneous sharing of an Internet connection with a computer network. A network is a group of computers connected together via Ethernet, phone networking adapters, cabling, wireless technology, or other media to facilitate resource sharing. The WinGate Server is the computer, designated by you, with the Internet connection that serves as a gateway for the other computers on the network, called the WinGate Client(s).

How can WinGate save you money?

By sharing a single Internet connection, WinGate saves users money by eliminating the need for separate Internet access accounts, telephone lines, external IP addresses, and modems for each user to access the Internet. WinGate allows you to connect to the Internet using any type of interface that is supported by your operating system, such as dial-up modems, cable modems, DSL, ISDN, and more. WinGate is also compatible with virtually any Internet program including Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Eudora, Outlook, and FTP programs.

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