William H. Armstong was born on September 14, 1914, on a farm near Lexington, Virginia. He attended Augusta Military Academy, Hampden-Sydney College, and the University of Virginia, and cites one or two great teachers at each school who helped shape his life.

After college he began to teach history to teenagers, which would become his life's work. He fathered three children, and had to raise them on his own, as his wife died very young. Her name was Martha.

Armstrong still lives in the Connecticut farmhouse built entirely by his own hands. He writes books for kids and raises purebred Coniedale sheep.


"Along the way, walking through this beautiful creation, which the Creator has given me to enjoy, I have managed to be a farmer, tending my sheep on a rocky hill farm overlooking the Housatonic River in Connecticut. I have also found time to become a carpenter and stone mason. I cleared my own land, built my own house. After teaching, building an uncoursed stone wall to stand as long as time, gives me greatest pleasure."

"The young will rise to mature stature, and if not given a challenge will become bored and indifferent to reading and learning."


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