Willem Black, proper noun: A character in two of Kevin Smith's films. In Clerks, he is portrayed by Scott Mosier, who is also the editor of the film, as well as the guy who knocks the hockey ball off the roof of the Quick-Stop. He is lovingly referred to as Snowball, because of a disturbing sexual practice he enjoys (See the movie to find out). In Mallrats, he is portrayed by Ethan Suplee, who is fatter and less bearded than the original Willem. All day long, he strives to see the sailboat in the 'Magic-Eye' poster. Finally, he snaps and runs amok. To explain this, the Willems of Different Universes Theory is put forth, which states that the movies occur in parallel universes, and therefore the Willems are different, while also stating that this is simply a contrived device to explain a hole in the plot between the movies.

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