A joke, which I had heard before, couched in a cute but haunting chorus, set to the repetitive strumming of Liz Phair and her pleasant singing and chatting.
Okay, this guy walks into a bar--
No, I'm just fucking with you, I'm kidding.
See, there's this young bull and this old bull
and they're standing on top of a hill...

And I tried
to tell you before,
that that's why
I left California.

So they're standing on top of this hill, right?
...and they're looking out over a pasture fulla cows--
whole fuckin pasture--
and the young bull turns to the old bull and he goes,
"I got this really good idea,"
and the old bull's like,


he's like,
"Yeah, I got this really good idea:
let's run down this hill and fuck one of those cows."
And the old bull just looks at him, y'know, he's just looking at him, and he's like,
"Look, I got a better idea," and the young bull's like,
"Yeah? What's your fucking brilliant idea?"
And the old bull goes,


The old bull goes,
"Let's walk down that hill, and fuck all of those cows.

Y'know, like he ain't been in town long or something, right?


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