Sometimes you can feel as though you are being driven insane by a person. That person has no comprehension of the hurt they are causing you. To you, that person is so selfish that you feel driven to distraction.

When I was 19, that person was my Father.

I lived in Wales with him; I was going through college and needed the space that I was given by him. Except for one thing: his bedroom was right by mine.

He was 40 and was going through a stupid life crisis. His version of entertainment was to go out to nightclubs, get women drunk then bring them home and have sex with them. 2 feet from where I was trying to sleep. With only a plasterboard wall to deaden the noise, I had to try to ignore the sounds of my father having sex. Noisy Sex.

The only way I could cope with this was to blast music through into my head with a pair of headphones.

Hence now I a) have tinnitus and b) want to severely harm my Father.

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