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Heya, im 16 (born 20/01/82, just in case I let this get horribly out of date), I used to play way too much Quake but I've given up on it kinda now. And my feelings about socks?

Does anyone else like socks? They're nice. I've got lots of&.socks, blue ones, black ones. Some of them are thin and some are really thick and woolly. I like the thin ones best cos the wooly ones leave nasty 'bits' on my feet.
(I nicked that from my mate David, sums it all up really)

I h.have just discoverd what Everything is. It is an attempt to prove everything theory.
This just goes to show that the people at BSI are clearly insane

Anyway, now a few things about me. I enjoy reading Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt.and spend way too much time on I dont post as much as I should (I think I've posted once, like, ever) but its still a blast to lurk there =).