This is a challenging question for Scientific Creationists to answer about the Noachian flood. While none of the answers fit in with modern day scientific knowledge, some are clever and entertaining.

One is that the atmosphere held much more water vapor before the Noachian flood. This not only explains where the water came from, it also explains why the rainbow predicted by optics didn't appear before the flood! While the atmosphere could not have held all that water under any conditions know to science, at least it sounds good.

On I read a detailed refutation of a theory involving floating orbital ice blocks before the flood, but I've never heard the theory itself from a Scientific Creationist, so I'm not sure if the refutation was toungue in cheek.

According to another creation science book, a hollow sphere of liquid water surrounded the earth until it’s collapse which, of course, caused the great flood. The authors of the book illustrated this with a diagram of our globe surrounded by a thick circle – intended to represent this ‘protective sphere’ of water.

I found the diagram amusing, because if taken literally the authors of the book were implying that this continuous mass of water was able to suspend itself evenly around the entire globe with nothing to support it, nor anything at all from preventing vacuum and the sun’s rays from boiling it into space.

Before it’s collapse, this shell of water acted like the glass of a greenhouse, keeping harmful radiation out and warmth in. This accounts for why dinosaur bones have been found in cold parts of the world – less than a few thousand years ago the earth was considerably hotter.

This also accounts for the exceptionally long lifespan of some of the early characters in the Old Testament. The lack of radiation meant that these people stayed healthier than longer.

Interestingly enough, the novel Rings of Ice by Piers Anthony uses the plot device of extra-atmospheric ice to create a new Deluge, and tracks people through the apocalypse that follows....

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