Where’s my footrub?

These roller skates
are giving me blisters.
I have to rest.
Trapped on the lonely side of a booth
in the snack bar,
I am forced to watch my best friend
ravenously make out with Vince.
A slow song starts.
The DJ announces, “This is
for couples ONLY.”

We spent the weekend hiking on holiday across the state.
I was driving in circles for hours trying to find the expressway.
Melissa offered up her feet into the front seat
Where one of her many suitors,
was more than happy to rub them.

Stirring the pasta,
my cat walks through my legs
again and again
waiting for me to set her bowl of food down.
It’s harder to bend down now a days.
My ankles are always so swollen.
I manage to stroke Thena’s furry head,
and pull up my support hose in one swoop.
Perhaps I will call the Rickards
and see if they would like some pasta.

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