One day the world will end as we know it. Maybe we'll blow each other to bits with nuclear weapons. Maybe the earth's orbit will collapse and we'll be catapulted into the sun. Maybe global warming will drown us overnight. Maybe the ants will take over.

The thing is, we have to be prepared. We need to prepare for any kind of apocalype. Except maybe the sun thing, because all of us will be fried to death.

So here is a list of things that will be essential, however the end of the world comes, and you are a survivor.

A gun
A shoe
A flower
A piece of string
A stick of gum
A hairpin
A boot knife
A rock
A sharpened stick
A memory
A dream
A shard of glass
A tune to sing
A box of matches
A mirror
A glass of water
A shot of tequila
A scrap of paper
A piece of wire
A travel book
A leader
A follower
A condom
A friend with a shoulder to cry on.

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