Each night as I lie in bed trying to fall asleep, usually with the help of some good music, I find myself hearing things. Not howling wolves or chirping crickets, but ambience still. I hear nothing. At the various breaks or pauses in the music, I hear the wooshing of still air across my eardrum, like an invisible whisper from an undetectable lifeform. I remove my headphones and still I hear it. I can bury my head into the pillow and that makes the sound louder as if I have crept upon some amplifier within my pillowcase. If at that point I give in to the sound of nothing, my pulse begins to stir within my head. I actually feel my pulse from inside my head, as if its trying to beat out through my ears, softly vibrating my eardrum and relaying to me the pressure changes at the edge of my ear canal.

The room is totally silent, yet there is a world of noisy nothing taking place around me, fully detectable in consciousness. I slowly drift away into sleep, although its not quiet.

Tonight, try it yourself and see if you can hear nothing. If you listen, nothing you can hear.

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