Stupid high school prank:

Mia and I have been friends since her sophomore year in high school and my junior year. We found great pleasure in whacking others with our braids, freaking others out with our strange singing in the halls, and generally being a Menace 2 Society. One day we decided to strut our stuff in the nearby mall.

While both of our parents are somewhat liberal, they are uptight about certain things. One of them, in my case, was the way I dressed. I was told I was "too babyish" or "too outlandish" for most of my high school years, and my mother was convinced that I only dressed that way to bother her. As a result, she "cracked down" and told me I wasn't even allowed to wear braids to school. Obviously, that did not stop me, but that's another story. In any case, we decided to play a clothing stunt.

Mia and I dressed in the weirdest clothes we could find. I wish we had pictures. :( I was wearing a green paisley dress, which in itself is not that odd, but it was when I added the orange tights and fishnet gloves. Mia was wearing something obviously outlandish as well; I wish I could remember exactly. In any case, let it suffice to say we looked totally freakish. We then went in the Gap and asked the salesgirl what year it was. She replied, "I'll have to get back to you on that."

This is actually fairly stupid when I look back on it, but pretending to be lost in time and dressing the part was a good way to get our minds off of the depressing fact that we were still in high school and had no lives.

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