A quote by the infamous Adolf Hitler. The quote can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but all stem from the ignorance of the average man.


The quote refers to how willingly people adopt what their government thinks is good for them, never questioning. Too often people fail to ask, "Why?" They never question the system, and have been raised to trust, "official" sources more than opinionated ones.


Of course, conformity is a double edged sword. By not questioning their leaders, the people more easily trust them. Through carefully constructed media articles, not only can the government persuade the ignorant mob, but fool those who trust the opinionated newspapers, websites, and news programs.


Countries that are rich, hide the truth in the world from the mases. They're convinced that a few bribes to a senator or parliament member will assure their safety during a time of war. Their selfishness makes them fail to see that no amount of bribes or prestige will freeze a bullet in midair ala Matrix.

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