Imagine Bender from Futurama in the world of Avatar.

"Your name is literally just 'Bender'?"


"So are you, like, some kind of bender?"

"That's my job. I bend things."

"Job? Bending is something people are. Like it's hereditary and stuff."

"Do I look like I had a biological father?"

"I don't know what anything looks like but you sure feel like metal. What can you bend?"

"Give me something to bend and I'll bend it. Mostly metal -- ”

"Nobody's ever figured out how to bend metal!"

" -- wood, stone, plastic, whatever you want. Wait, what do you mean nobody's figured out how to bend metal? You just hold it and fold it."

"That's not -- okay fine. Bend me this metal."

"One bending coming up!" *CREEEEEEAAAAAAK*

"That's not bending!"

"Oh yeah, smart guy? Fine! You show me how to bend!"

"One actual bending coming up." *SPLOOSH*

"That wasn't bending anything! You just threw water around!"

"Yeah. That's bending. You throw around one of the four elements."

"Four? What about the rest like molybdenum and zinc and stuff?"

"There's only four."

"Keep kidding yourself. Anyway, if that's how you do bending around here, maybe I can do it too. One water-bending coming up." *SPLOOSH*

"That's -- you just bent water. Are you a waterbender after all?"

"Buddy, I'm an ANYTHING bender. Alright let's try stone next." *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE*

"You just bent earth! Holy crap, you're the Avatar!"

"I got no idea who that is. Can he bend anything like I can?"

"Uh...I think the Avatar can only bend four elements."

"Ha! Chump. Lemme at him."

"Nobody knows where he is. He vanished a hundred years ago."

"Welp. Looks like I'm the champ around here, then. Feel free to worship me."

"I don't think so, stumpy!"

"Wait, who are you?"

"I'm the greatest earthbender in the world. You think you can take the Avatar? You have to go through me first."

"Ha! You're just a short little girl. And your eyes look weird. And you're not looking into my eyes. Are you blind?"

"You're perceptive for a weird spirit made of metal."

"Yeah, well, I'm also a little conflicted about fighting a little blind girl...okay I'm over my conflicted feelings. Let's rumble."


"You two maniacs destroyed my entire cabbage farm!"

"Send the bill to the Beifong family."

"You're pretty strong, kid. Wanna team up? Conquer the world?"

"I have to get back to dealing with the Avatar and his friends. They are way too protective of me."

"Wait, the Avatar's around here? Great! Lemme at him."

"He's a twelve-year-old boy who doesn't want to hurt anyone."

"Ha! he is a chump!"

"Yeah, and we're gonna have to figure out how to make him put the hurt on Fire Lord Ozai, or else the guy's going to burn the entire world down or something."

"Burn the world, eh? He sounds like a bigger challenge than the Avatar. Lemme at him."

"You can't just walk into the Fire Nation, dude."

"Oh yeah? Maybe you can't."

"Is that a challenge? Alright, let me round up the gang and we're gonna race you to the Fire nation."

"You're on!"

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