Don't go yet! You're not going to believe this.

West Auckland, commonly know as 'West', is a small village south west of Bishop Auckland in County Durham UK. It is not unattractive but really not worth a visit. The only reason I mention it is that they once won the world cup.

I told you you would not believe it but it's true. In 1909 the team, consisting mostly of miners was picked to represent England in the first ever world cup despite being at the bottom of the minor leagues. The reason this team were picked seems to have sunk into the depths of history.

Despite this they went on to win and, even more incredibly, won it again two years later (beating Juventus 6-1) thus giving them the right to retain the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy .

Unfortunately the team fell on hard times and was forced to pawn the trophy. It wasn't until 1960 that the club raised the funds to buy it back again.

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