Second full length album by Flickerstick.
Re-released by Epic after they were signed. The band was not happy that the album got a cursory remastering and quick drop to retail. Their intent had been to use the album (recorded for $10,000 of their own money) to get a label deal and then rerecord it with a name producer in a high end facility. Epic was only marginally supportive of the band, and gladly let them out of their contract after a year and a half of limbo.

They are a solid band with a mature sound and great songwriting skills. Theycould live comfortably in the same bin as bands like Matchbox 20 and Fuel, in terms of sound. They have a song-centric approach, eschewing flashy solos and pyrotechnics in favor of tight cohesive tracks. There is a strong Floydian influence, but it is not derivative.

  1. Lift (with love we will survive)
  2. Got A Feeling
  3. Beautiful
  4. Smile
  5. Coke
  6. Sorry...Wrong Trajectory
  7. Chloroform The One You Love
  8. You're So Hollywood
  9. Talk Show Host
  10. Hey or When The Drugs Wear Off
  11. Direct Line To The Telepathic
  12. Execution By X-mas Lights
Remixed by Tom Lord Alge.

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