Weisse Versa is a hefeweizen spiced with coriander and citrus peel brewed in Houston, TX by Karbach Brewing Company. It is distributed in kegs and in 12 ounce cans.

Quick Facts

Brewer: Karbach Brewing Company
Beer Name: Weisse Versa Wheat
Beer Style: Spiced Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.2
Introduction Date: 2011

The beer itself is a cloudy honey color. It's not particularly frothy or foaming, even with a sloppy pour. It smells similar to most wheat beers, with a slightly stronger citrus scent. The citrus peels it's brewed with really add to the normal clove'n'banana'n'fruit thing you'd expect of an unfiltered wheat beer. It comes off as a little sweet, but not cloyingly so for the style. It's slightly more syrupy than most hefeweizens, but not unpleasantly so. The spicey bits don't really hit until after you swallow, and they really offset the sweet/syrup thing for me. The bit of spice on the finish, especially the coriander, really make the experience.

Over all, there's more going on than most hefeweizens, but it manages to pull them off without things getting muddled. It manages to straddle the line between a hefeweizen and a Belgian white quite well. All around, it's a crowd pleaser.

The Rest
Weisse Versa is one of Karbach's year-round beers. Based on the beer lists in Houston-area restaurants, it's quite possibly Karbach's most widely distributed beer.

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