A native of Houston, Wei graduated in 1999 from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio Television Film with a concentration in New Media. In 2000, he joined Yacov Sharir in the pursuit of artist centric tools that enhance live performance. 2001 marked the completion of his Masters degree with his thesis on the Automated Body Project. Currently, Wei is pursuing an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. on ambient technologies with Project Aurora. In order to apply the ideas from his research, Wei founded Applied Bozonics, LLC, a pervasive technologies company in 1998. Wei manages and oversees the Project Aurora team while continuing to lead hardware development and research component miniaturization, wireless communication and wearable technologies. Since 2000, Wei and his teammates have built several iterations of a wearable performance augmentation system. Initially known as versions of the Automated Body system, version 2.0 marks the transition to the Project Aurora philosophy. He, along with Yacov Sharir, have demonstrated this system at conferences, symposiums and workshops world wide, gaining the project international recognition.

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