As I was lying in bed last night, trying to fall asleep, I glanced out my window and caught glimpse of a beautiful sight: the moon. It wasn't quite full, almost though. Anyway, I was thinking about how transfixed I am, just by the sight of it. And I got to thinking... Many of us "earth-bound" people are awed by the moon and its magical appearance. It is all we have seen of our solar system, with the exception of the sun. I was thinking about how wonderful the sight of Earth must be. If I, or we, find so much peace and serenity by looking at something that is all one color like the moon, the astronauts much be in heaven looking at the mystical swirls and colors of our planet Earth. It is something I can only begin to fathom about, yet some people experience this joy and knowledge everyday, or atleast for the period of time that they are in space. It is just amazing to me the variety and little excitements different occupations bring about, that others, with other occupations, may not even be aware of or even think about. I have attempted to conjuer up a list in The Joys of Jobs.

By the way, don't you like my excellent linking skills at the bottom, titled What a horrible node Writeup? I haven't quite mastered the art of linking yet, I suppose!!! :)

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