Warp plasma on star trek is not normal high energy plasma it is made from warp matter. Warp matter are molecules made from matter and antimatter that co-exist in a different quantum state. On a news story Published on Line by Philip Ball at Naturenews Allen Mills of the University of California, Riverside and his colleagues in 2005 say they suspect to have produced molecules Ps2 to form by firing a beam of positrons at ordinary silica. The molecules stay stable a little longer than the atoms, if I understand the story correctly. Then in Sep 12, 2007 PHYSICSWORLD.COM wrote an article saying that David Cassidy and Allen Mills have managed to produce enough dipositronium to prove it exists.

The articles said an electron and positron pair formed into an atom is called positronium and the molecule made from this is dipoistronium. The quantum state that allows dipoistronium to last the longest that we know of is “ortho” state. This state last 142ns for a few molecules if the density is increased and it is cooled to 15 k it last longer the higher the density.

The reason I think this is warp matter on star trek is in the story line the warp plasma has the same amount of energy as a matter and antimatter reaction but for it to turn into energy you need to expose it to 3000 degrees, it can be a pin point area because it starts a chain reaction in the plasma. It has to be stored in a special container to keep the quantum state the same. It can be used in power cells that produce very large energy densities in a very small device. I read somewhere that when positrons and electrons annihilate each other they can be made to produce large electrical charges from the gamma rays. When star trek with kirk was showing I never heard them say anything about warp plasma only antimatter but then more things where made up.

In the later shows the writers started putting more physics in the shows to make them look more real. Some of the aero space companies gave them advice on what may be possible in the future.

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