There should be no doubt: Warlocks is Norway's most famous rap act through the ages. Their albums "Lyrical Marksmen" (1995), "Top Notch" (1997), "Mic Knights" (1998) and "Afterlife" (2001) have written Norwegian hip hop history, and their crowd of loyal fans have continuously grown.

Warlocks consist of three members. Karma and Tech-Rock are beside their rap careers also members of break crews like Atomic B-boys and Nasty Nine, the latter also Scandinavian champs. The third member, Hawk, is also busy with own productions for among others Andyboy and Simon Divine, both signed to his own production label Hawkman Importz.

Warlocks were also important contributors to "Norske Byggeklosser", Norways best selling hip hop album ever, as well as on "ScandalNavia vol.1", a successful collaboration between several Scandinavian rap acts.

It is worth to take note of the fact that on their three first albums, Tommy Tee produced all the tracks on the albums. On the last album "Afterlife", Tommy Tee only produced one track, Hawk produced the rest. Guests on the album included Opaque and Son of Light.

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