James Edward Williams III (aka: Ward Williams) was born in Winston-Salem, NC on June 2, 1971. Ward is a member of Jump, Little Children, a southern ecclectic band based out of Charleston, SC. Williams plays cello and the flying V for the band, sedate and meloncholy one minute, classic rocker the next.

Williams’ father taught him how to play the guitar when he was young. This stemmed off into an interest of music and ecspecially string instruments. Williams took up cello when his high school music teacher told him that the cello and guitar have similar ranges. Williams is a fan of classical cellist Yo Yo Ma.

Band mate Matthew Bivins describes Williams as a high schooler: “Ward was the one with a scholarship. Ward is still the smartest member of the band. Ward also had a car in 10th grade and was the most popular geek that I knew. When we went to lunch in high school I would watch as Ward went from one side of the lunch area to the other, chatting with his friends as they followed him like little disciples. He had a blue jean jacket with 'the Wall' emblazoned by hand (his) on the back. He had long hair and a winning smile. Ward was everyone's favorite, and I pretended to hate him just to be different until he came over to my house one day with a chessboard. Playing chess with Ward Williams made you cool.”

When not touring, writing, or recording with Jump, Little Children, Williams enjoys meditation, woodworking, and showing off his tounge. Ward’s tounge, when one views it for the first time, will immediatly remind you of Gene Simmons’. Ward flaunts his amazing tounge length with pride too. There are many photos out there with Ward’s tounge hanging out of his mouth like the true rock and roll star he thinks he is. There are also many pictures of Williams standing around without pants on.

Ward has a small group of followers called “Ward Girls”. These girls have pledged their undying devotion to this member of Jump, Little Children. They are commonly very intellegent, b/c Ward is very intellegent. These girls may be seen deep in conversation with Williams after concerts. Ward Girls are respected in Jump, Little Children circles for being the ones that like “the smart one”, “the responsible one”, or “the one with the tounge”. But whatever their reason, Ward has a special place in their hearts.

Whether he’s playing the cello, flying V, or talking to fans, Ward Williams is a vital and compelling member of Jump, Little Children.

sources: http://www.jumplittlechildren.com

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