Wallace, Idaho is a small town located in the panhandle region of Idaho, just west of the border with Montana at Lookout Pass. The city was founded in the 1890s. Like most of the towns in Idaho Panhandle, and much of the towns in the Rocky Mountains, Wallace was originally founded as a mining center, specifically for silver. The land around Wallace has some of the richest silver ores on earth, and the town grew rich off of the silver trade, with attendant strife between miners and mine owners.

Today, Wallace is a tourist destination, with the surrounding mountains providing outdoor recreation opportunities. The town itself is also an attraction, being incredibly picturesque. The town is located in the valley of the south fork of the Couer d' Alene river, a valley so narrow it could almost be called a canyon. If you had a strong arm, you could stand on the hills on one side of town and throw a baseball over the town to the hills on the other side of town. And every building in downtown Wallace is on the National Register of Historic Places. This scenery has also attracted movie makers, and at least two films, Heaven's Gate and Dante's Peak, were shot in Wallace.

Wallace is a much more interesting town than its small population around 800 people and distant location would suggest. It is a good place to visit, and if you happen to be traveling on Interstate 90, you will probably end up visiting it. It is a hard place to miss.


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