"Walk Among Us"

The Misfits' first album, "Static Age," was rejected by everyone they sent it to, so they put it on hold. A few years later their sound had changed and they finally got an album out, and this is it.

"Walk Among Us" is 13 tracks and 20 something minutes of brutal punk rock. The Misfits themselves are a special sort of punk band, a horror punk band, as all the lyrics deal with death, horror, sex, etc.

Track Listing:

  1. "20 Eyes"
  2. "I Turned into a Martian"
  3. "All Hell Breaks Loose"
  4. "Vampira"
  5. "Nike a Go Go"
  6. "Hatebreeders"
  7. "Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" (live)
  8. "Night of the Living Dead"
  9. "Skulls"
  10. "Violent World"
  11. "Devil's Whorehouse"
  12. "Astro Zombies"
  13. "Braineaters"

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