No, really, this is a thing. Whoops -- um, maybe I ought to have warned you before you clicked that link.... NSFW!!

I mean, it was really only a matter of time before somebody came out with a vagina-scented perfume. And, actually, this isn't even really a perfume (see quote below). It is, literally, simply vagina sweat. In a bottle. For sale. Is it any surprise at all that this product was developed in Germany, or that it is a hit in Japan? And, oh sweet mother of pearl, it has its own YouTube Channel.

The advertising blurb for this product claims:
The erotic smell of a desirable womans' vagina -- VULVA Original is NOT a perfume, but the captivating intimate scent preserved in a small glass vial, made to satisfy your own smelling pleasure. Enjoy the precious organic substance and smell her any time you want. BUY now!
I'm not sure where you can buy it, but that's okay because instead you really, really probably ought to run as far from this stuff as you can. And I'm equally unsure what the designer's definition of a "desirable woman" is, but I suspect for many people, that definition includes 'does not allow German opportunists to bottle her vagina juice and sell it to Japanese businessmen.' But they are probably referring to some vision of physical attractiveness. I am reminded of a truism that somebody once enunciated -- a comedian, most likely, though I don't recall who or where or when -- of how odd it is that men base their decision of whether or not they will kiss a girl where she pees based on how pretty a face she has. And, naturally, of how men will decide to buy bottled vaginal wetness based on how pretty a face the model in the commercial had.

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