One of the more famous offerings from Porcupine Tree, Voyage 34 was released in 1992, and is a psychedelic journey about 'Brian', lasting over 30 minutes. The mood is documentary with bass, drums and delayed guitar riff in the background.

There are actually 4 phases to Voyage 34, with the first EP (the subject of this writeup) covering the first two phases.

The track is a testimony to the use of LSD, portraying the drug both positively and negatively. In the first half, we follow Brian's 34th LSD trip, which happens to be his first bummer. We enjoy listening to his antics at first, "Brian amuses his friends by chewing on some plastic flash bulbs", but events take a darker turn when he tries to come down, and finds he can't.

The second phase turns to more free guitar-based music for a while, and then returns to the documentary format found in the first phase. This section contains various people's testimonies of their LSD experiences... feeling the hot and cold water separately in the shower; basing a family religion on the drug and so on.

Overall, a good listen, and well worth setting half an hour aside, turning the lights down and actually listening to the music.

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