Von Reichter, in the world of Cybersix, is a mad scientist who plays the villan of the TV show and comic book. Being an evil mad scientist, he was of course, at one point, a Nazi - I guess this is a prerequisit for being a truly mad scientist.

Any how, he's a brilliant genetisist, and has created a number of biologically enhanced beings, including the 5000 people in the Cyber Series, of which Cybersix (The 6th to be created in the Cyber Series) is the only surviver. When they showed they had a will of their own, Von Reichter had all 5000 people (at the time children) killed.

Having discovered that Cybersix is still alive, he now spends most of his time creating biologically enhanced monsters to kill her, but always fails in pretty much the exact same way:
Basically, every creature starts out obeying Von Reichter's commands, then they meet Cybersix, fight a little, and then the monster and Cybersix come to some strange understanding, both being creations of Von Reichter. At this point, the monster always dies, and it's death is then mourned rather then celebrated by Cybersix.

Very strange actually; this theme is repeated at least 4 different times in the 13 episodes, with monster's including a werewolf, a blue-skinned thingy, a pile of intelligent mud, and a hord of monsters released at the end. All Von Reichter's creations seem to turn on him actually, including the second villan in the show, Von Reichter's clone/son, Jose.

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